What to Expect from our Aurora Bondsman

Being arrested can be a stressful experience. However, sheriff’s offices throughout Colorado have standardized procedures that make booking a relatively straightforward and predictable process. Here is what you can expect after being arrested.

Please note: As a disclaimer, the content on this page is for informational purposes only. What is stated on this page should not be taken as legal counsel. We recommend speaking to a licensed attorney, so you are fully informed of your rights and responsibilities.

How Booking Works

Booking, also known as processing, is a procedure where law enforcement prepares an individual accused of a crime for incarceration before appearing in court. There are several steps to the booking process. The exact steps vary from county to county, but can be generally listed as follows:

  1. Collection of personal information
  2. Mugshots and fingerprinting
  3. Confiscation of clothing and personal property
  1. Full-body search
  2. Check for warrants
  1. Health check
  2. Incarceration

Upon incarceration, an initial bail is posted for the booked individual and the process for bail bonds in Aurora, CO, can begin. The amount is determined by a variety of factors, which includes the severity of the alleged offenses. Very violent crimes may not even have bail available at all.

How Bail Factors in After an Arrest

Incarceration after an arrest, depending on the severity of the alleged crimes, is a standard part of the procedure. A person’s imprisonment is indefinite while they await a court appearance – and that usually is to learn when that individual will go on trial for the actual offense. Depending on the caseload of the court, incarceration can last days, weeks, or even years.

Imagine how much a working person has to lose when they are sitting in jail waiting for the justice system to run its course. People can lose jobs and their homes over minor offenses, long before a verdict has been passed. This makes obtaining bail bonds in Aurora, CO, so important.

Suspects who have been booked have the option to make a phone call, which brings critical decisions. Often, individuals will call a friend or close relative and request that they bail them out. If you have been the recipient of such a phone call, know that our Aurora bondsman is here to help. We have the knowledge and resources to facilitate the bail bond process, giving individuals the freedom to prepare for the future with confidence.

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