Simple and Cheap Bail Bonds in Denver County, CO

When you get the phone call from a friend or close relative, a lot could be going through your mind. Regardless of what has happened, you always have an ally in 1st Stop Bail Bonds. We are your source for cheap bail bonds in Denver County, CO. By working with a trusted surety company and emphasizing a personalized approach to service, we make it easier to work through the bail process. Help your buddies maintain control over their future—we are with you every step of the way.

When someone has been accused of a crime, it can incur a lot of stress and uncertainty, especially when the individual must spend time in jail waiting for their court appearance. A lot can happen until then: broken relationships, loss of employment, evictions, and the sting of not being with friends and family. Prolonged imprisonment before a trial can derail lives, making it difficult to get back on your feet later on.

Bails are meant to give the accused a chance to spend time out of jail and a way to still live as normal a life as possible while waiting for their court date. During this time they can also seek legal counsel in a private setting so that they are better informed of their charges and upcoming court appearances. Unfortunately, judges may post bail that is simply unaffordable for the average, working person.

Everyone deserves equal treatment under the law. To that end, our bail bond company is committed to helping individuals, and their friends and families, in their times of need. As your dependable bondsman, we provide financial assistance when you most need it.

Giving Back a Sense of Freedom

Being out of jail on bail provides the accused an opportunity to stay in the workforce, settle pressing matters, and spend valuable time with those closest to them. If you have been entrusted with the responsibility to post bail—or you are looking for a way to help out a friend or relative—we’re here for you.

Our surety bonds cover the cost of bail. Since we are covering the costs on your behalf, you can help your loved one regain their freedom. We emphasize compassion and affordability when it comes to delivering bonds—meaning, you can feel at ease knowing we offer sensible and smart rates to help you pay for the bond.

Committed to a Smooth Delivery of Justice

As your bondsman, we want to make the bail bond process simple, stress-free, and informative. When you take out a bond with our agency, we will discuss the process carefully with you. In addition, we inform you of all parties’ responsibilities leading up to the accused’s court appearance.

Denver County Court Information and Inmate Search

Denver County has several courts, each committed to specific areas of the law. If your friend or relative has already been booked, you can find the inmate search of Denver County prisons here.

Contact us to request a consultation for cheap bail bonds. Our agency is based in Aurora, CO, and proudly serves clients throughout Denver County.